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Meet Salisha


Salisha Hosein, CEO and Lead Consultant, started in consulting as a way to help companies ensure they are producing safe products, understand their regulatory obligations and build the best safety programs in the industry.  Salisha wanted to educate companies and pass on her knowledge to make certain all businesses had a fair chance at developing the very best systems.  Salisha has over 17 years in the food industry in various roles across diverse food sectors; from CFIA Food Inspector to Corporate QA and Food Safety Management.  She applied her expertise and experience into the legal Cannabis space at the beginning of 2019 and continues to serve both industries.

Safe Bite Consulting Inc. provides consulting services to any size business. We specialize in Product Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance within the Food and Cannabis industries

We evaluate, implement, and provide all the necessary support for your products and operations, allowing you to gain market access while building confidence in your brand. We achieve this through our three areas of expertise.

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